Welcome to Journey Church of the Nazarene
Our vision at Journey Naz is to help people…
CONNECT to God and to other people;
GROW in their spiritual journey with God;
SERVE each other our families and our community.
What is a Nazarene?
Our name is taken from a term that was used in the first century to describe Jesus and His followers.  And it wasn’t a compliment!  The town of Nazareth, Jesus’ hometown, would probably be called “Hicksville” today.  It wasn’t impressive.
So the term “Nazarene” was used to describe people who were pretty ordinary.  They weren’t the powerful, the elite, or the glamorous.  When the rulers talked about those “Nazarenes,” they said it with sneers on their faces.  Or, as one New Testament figure put it, “Nazareth!  Can anything good come from there?”  (John 1:46).
So when we call him “the Nazarene,” we’re reminding ourselves that Jesus isn’t for a select group of people.  He’s for everyone who seeks Him!  Whether rich or poor – educated or uneducated – healthy or sick – powerful or the powerless.
That’s why we try to be the Church of the Nazarene, because “the Nazarene” came for people like you – people like us –  people who seek.
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